• 39+ Art Space

    Established in January 2022, 39+ Art Space is a Singapore-based art gallery that focuses on showcasing artworks and collections of upcoming and established international artists. The gallery was born out of a desire to introduce and promote international artists across Asia, by introducing Asian artists to the global stage - as well as to work with post-war secondary art sectors.


    Close to Central Business District (CBD), it is located at 39 Keppel Road Tanjong Pagar Distripark, a developing and innovative multidisciplinary arts cluster with rich heritage. It inhabits the same warehouse building as Singapore Art Museum (SAM), the annual showcase of S.E.A Focus, and tax-free art storage warehouse.

  • Founder


    Founder and Director of 39+ Art Space, Liu Ying Mei, has had 20 years of experience in the art sphere. She had worked with renowned international artists in prestigious institutions and museums across the world. She is well adept as an art advisor; facilitating acquisitions of iconic and notable art pieces to collections of art collectors.


    She opened 39+ Art Space to be a contemporary space to showcase artworks and collections of established and emerging international artists. She envisions 39+ Art Space as a platform to introduce and champion these artists, and as a springboard to catapult them to the international art scene.

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